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Spring 2021 @ Courtside Cottage

Returnable deposit and deferred payments on all breaks in 2021. Find out more for an honest and relaxed chat. Please call Stewart or Lindsey on 07711 577235.

Your Safety is Our Prime Concern


Detached Cottage with Exclusive Entry & Exit

While adjacent to the main house, we can ensure that your party has exclusive access routes to and from the cottage and parking space. Please ask.


Private, secure & safe

Courtside Cottage provides a private, secure and comfortable environment which is distanced from common spaces


Off Street Parking- Exclusive to You

The cottage enjoys a private, off-street space immediately adjacent to the cottage with level or lightly ramped access to the property.


Rigorous Cleaning

We work to a mandatory schedule of work tasks that now include –  Kitchen. Steam cleaning of working surfaces, hob, fridge, splash back and vinyl flooring. Wet room and en-suite. Steam cleaning of hard surfaces, appliances and floor to ceiling tiling and vinyl flooring.


Additional Hygiene Measures

Tables, stair rail, stair lift, furniture, TV and radio. Antibacterial cleansing. Guest towels and bed linen. 60 Deg C wash cycle followed by hot tumble dry.


Alcohol Gel Dispensers

There are three stocked dispensers and single use paper towels by the kitchen sink and the WC basins

Courtside Cottage

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What Else?

What’s On Elsewhere

Plenty. Here is a random list of stuff we like. Edinburgh by train. A lovely coastal route that affords a terrific panorama of Edinburgh, the

Local Walking & Cycling

I’m currently putting my favourite routes together. Here are some shots of Falkland Estate, 200 meters West of the cottage.  

Courtside History

The cottage dates to the 1750’s when it was the workplace of the village carpentry shop. A Miller family lived opposite in what is now


The cottage lies 200 meters from the village centre and a similar distance from Falkland Estate with its miles of woodland trails and cycle paths.

Falkland Palace

  Before Falkland Palace was built a hunting lodge existed on the site in the 12th century. This lodge was expanded in the 13th century

Old Falkland

Have a look at the village is was in the past. This site contains over 500 photo’s of the village over that last couple of