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We are “Good to Go” and have the following additional hygiene measures in place for each changeover.

Kitchen. Steam cleaning of working surfaces, hob, fridge, splash back and vinyl flooring.

Wet room and en-suite. Steam cleaning of hard surfaces, appliances and floor to ceiling tiling and vinyl flooring

Tables, stair rail, stair lift, furniture, TV and radio. Antibacterial cleansing.

Guest towels and bed linen. 60 Deg C wash cycle followed by hot tumble dry.

For those visiting for the first time. The property is detached with exclusive off-street private parking and entry/exit points. The patio and its small terraced garden are reserved for the sole use of guests. Courtside Cottage is located at the west side of the village and provides a high level of safety, privacy and isolation. We can probably cater for specific additional needs so please call even if it is just for re-assurance.

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